Chapter Staff

Fran Gallagher, MEd – Chief Executive Officer

Harriet Lazarus, MBA – Chief Operating Officer

Larry Mungin – Financial Controller

Bert Mulder – Director, Marketing & Business Development

Cortney Mott, MEd – Senior Marketing & Event Manager

Michael Weinstein –  Communications & New Jersey Immunization Network

Aldina Hovde, MSW – Safety and Trauma Informed Care Initiatives

Judie Grandjean, PCMH CCE – Medical Home

Juliana David, MEd –  Oral Health

Regina Grazel, MSN, RN, BC, APN-C – Critical Congenital Heart Disease & Zika

Elizabeth Griffin, MPH – Pediatric Psychiatry Collaborative

Marcela Betzer, MPH – Pediatric Psychiatry Collaborative

Becky Parnian, RDH, MPH – Child Abuse and Neglect & Oral Health

Mark Firth – Neglect & Pediatric Psychiatry Collaborative

Stacey Poole, RNC – Zika – Zika

Cristina Suarez, RNC-OB – Zika

Lisa D’Amico, MSN, RNC, APN-C – Zika

M.F. Ahmed, MBBS, MPH – Zika

Candace Kimmel, MPP – Immunization

Angela Chandra, BDS, MPH – Mental Health

Peter Cerra – Administrative Assistant

Lindsay Caporrino – Administrative Assistant

Durga Ramachandran – Administrative Assistant