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Archived Webinars

Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents: The Role of Pediatricians (Carrie Masia, PhD) – November 3rd – 12:30-1:30PM – [Recording]

Dental Team CARE (Child Abuse Recognition & Education) – Steven Kairys, MD, MPH, FAAP & Sam Wakim, DMD, MPH [Slides / Recording]

FETAL ALCOHOL SPECTRUM DISORDER WEBINAR SERIES – 1.0 CME, CNE, & CE contact hour awarded per webinar

Part 1 – Prenatal Alcohol Exposure – Register Here!
Part 2 – Assessment & Management of FASD – Register Here!
Part 3 – Addressing Behavioral and Educational Issues to Support Children with FAS/FASD and Their Families – Register Here!

Human Trafficking 101 – [Recording / Slides]

Human Trafficking: The Clinical Aspects – [Recording / Slides]

Pediatric Partnership Initiative (PPI)

Using the AAP’s Mental Health Toolkit [Recording / Slides]
NJ Children’s System of Care (CSOC) [Recording / Slides]
Cultural Competence: Addressing Cultural Diversity Issues in Clinical Care [Recording / Slides]
Quality Improvement Fundamentals [Recording / Slides]
Connecting with Patients and Families  [Recording / Slides]
Helping Children Cope After a Disaster [Recording / Slides]
Implementing Developmental Screening Tools [Recording / Slides]
Payment – Coding and Documentation [Recording / Slides]
Positive Parenting and its Effect on Resiliency [Recording / Slides]
How Children Come to Understand Illness and How We Can Learn to Explain It Better [Recording / Slides]

Prevent Child Abuse & Neglect Through Dental Awareness (PANDA) [Recording]

Patient-Centered Medical Home Transformation and Recognition/Certification Programs – Ruth  Gubernick, PhDc, MPH, MCMH, CCE   Recording]

Reducing the Risk of SIDS and Other Sleep-related Deaths with the 2016 Evidence-based Safe Sleep Infant Sleep Guidelines of the AAP – Barbara Ostfeld, PhD [Recording / Slides]