The New Jersey Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (NJAAP) calls for each of us to take action to end systemic racism and senseless violence that further risk the lives and health of our children and our communities.


The New Jersey Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (NJAAP) supports current immunization requirements for children to attend child care centers, preschool facilities and schools in New Jersey, both public and private, as established by the New Jersey Department of Health NJDOH. Furthermore, we support legislative efforts that strengthen these requirements by passing legislation that allow for only medical exemptions from school-required vaccinations and also support medically indicated exemptions to specific immunizations as determined for each individual child.

Legislators: If you would find it helpful to speak with a New Jersey-based, board certified pediatrician regarding topics addressing vaccines for children, follow this LINK to schedule a call.


NJAAP Announces
New Career Center

NJAAP is proud to announce its new NJAAP Career Center – the premier resource to connect career opportunities with highly qualified pediatric talent. The Career Center will provide employers with a seamless way to advertise a job. Job seekers gain easy access to career opportunities in pediatrics. You will need to create an account through the Career Center to post a position or apply for a job. You will be able to access the Career Center through any device of your choice- smartphone, tablet, or desktop with easy one click entry (links to your NJAAP account).

NJAAP Training Institute

Fostering Safe and Supportive School Environments

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, school re-opening comes with new challenges and unknowns. The NJAAP Training Institute is committed to improving the health, safety, and well-being of all children across the state. To support all school staff as students return to school, the institute is offering professional development opportunities to bridge the gap between research and practice to employ trauma responsive strategies and help all students thrive. Topics are listed below and can be adapted to meet the needs of districts and schools across the state. A focus on culturally responsive approaches to SEL and trauma-responsive schools will be integrated into all professional development opportunities.


The New Jersey Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics, believes every newborn, infant, child, adolescent and young adult should have access to the highest quality of medical care available, care that is most capably provided by a pediatrician led healthcare team, which is highly trained, credentialed and experienced in all aspects of the development and medical diagnosis and care of children at every age.

THE Statewide PEDIATRIC PSYCHIATRY COLLABORATIVE IS NOW offering telepyschiatry services

The Pediatric Psychiatry Collaborative (PPC) is available at hospital-based hubs in your area*.  To learn more about & join the Collaborative that can provide you with quick access to psychiatric consultation and referrals to mental/behavioral health and substance use resources and support for your patients and their families, click here.

*Essex County served by Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care. Click here for more information.

NJAAP #stayconnected Contest

The votes are counted and the results were so close. Congratulations to all of our contestants and thank you to all of our participants…it was such a tough decision!

Crazy Hair Girl

by Marcelle Amador, Age 9
Medium: Markers, Pens and Highlighters

Honorable Mention

“A Million Things” Dance Interpretation

by Juliana Baum, Age 11

Apart, but Not Alone

by Araly Langomas, Age 18
Medium: Color pencil, ink, fineliner and pen

“Letter to Covid”

by Ria Sheth, Age 11

Dear Coronavirus,

You are a smart, little germ that many people have underestimated in the past. They think that they can be stronger than you but we now know that this is not true. We have learned this the hard way by having 10.3 million people suffer from your wrath. I have but one thing to ask you and that is the following. I know that you want to, but you can’t keep moving around. People are now scared of you and this is what you want. But now playtime is over. You have caused millions of people around the world to suffer. And not even just the people who you invaded but their loved ones, small business owners, low income families who rely on paychecks for dinner. Enough is enough. But while I ask this for the whole world, I do have to say such a little thing has so much power over the people of Earth. For example, you canceled the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. This was a major event for countries worldwide that would take part in this. You also closed schools and workplaces. You also sadly killed over 10 million people worldwide. Though it was only three months you moved across the world. So fast no one from my home country of America was prepared. Now hand sanitizer and mask factories are working harder than ever. You are a wonder of history that people will remember forever. You have caused a great deal of stress, firing people from their jobs. You have caused harm, killing people and their family. But unfortunately for you I think it’s time to shut it down and stop infecting people. You’ve had about six months to roam now STOP. I hope you understand where I am coming from. This is not just from the stubborn little girl me, but the whole entire world.
Ria Sheth 

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