NJAAP Careers

10/10/19 – Administrative Assistant

Key Responsibilities:

  • Representing Program Staff in the office by handling phone calls and messages as well as relaying information to Program team members/agency members as appropriate.
  • Working with Program Manager and Program Director to ensure curriculum updates, accreditation and resources are available to meet program deliverable deadlines.
  • Scheduling program practice activities, meetings and trainings with presenters, participants and Program Staff.
  • Completing financial paperwork of grant with Program Director (i.e. purchasing of program materials.)
  • Supporting program with IT and other technical needs. Notify and follow-up with IT support system.
  • Scheduling, preparing, attending and record keeping for program-related meetings.
  • Data entry for documentation, evaluation and record keeping on program status.
  • Supporting record keeping and reporting for grant requirements.
  • Obtaining, updating and maintaining all program related files in various formats (hard and electronic files.)
  • Other as requested.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of current office procedures and methods including telephone communications, office systems and record keeping.
  • Knowledge of current business communication, including style and format of letters, memoranda, meeting minute preparation, meeting software and relevant reports.
  • Knowledge of program scope and relevance within organizational mission and objectives.
  • Skilled to use an office computer and relevant software.
  • Professional interpersonal skills in all work and NJAAP representation.
  • Ability to establish priorities, work independently, work as a member of a program team and organizational team.

Interested in working at NJAAP?? Please email a cover letter and resume to jobs@njaap.org, along with area of interest and salary requirements.