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TruMed is the fastest growing vaccine storage and handling company providing inventory management solutions to individual clinics, major health systems, and public healthcare facilities throughout the U.S.

AccuVax is the only vaccine storage and management system that automates vaccine control and integrity, minimizes risks of incorrect vaccine delivery, and optimizes office workflow so that providers can focus on Top of License care.

AccuShelf is the newest inventory management system that expands TruMed’s inventory management tools to all medications, supplies, vaccines, and other items in the healthcare setting.

Products and Services

AccuVax Vaccine Management System – the emerging standard in vaccine storage and handling

AccuVax is a fully-automated, pharmaceutical-grade vaccine management system that guarantees vaccine integrity, reduces medication errors, and delivers time-savings allowing a practice to focus on effective and safe immunizations for their patients. This all-in-one integrated solution includes a refrigerator, a freezer, digital data loggers (DDLs), alerting suite, battery backup, and on-going maintenance.

  • Safeguard vaccine viability with ideal temperature control
  • Minimize vaccine loss
  • Free staff time for patient care and higher value work
  • View real-time inventory accurate to the dose level
  • Automate compliance and maximize patient safety

AccuShelf Inventory Management System – track every medication, vaccine, supplies, and more

AccuShelf delivers simple inventory control simple, from tracking of receiving items, to patient administration. The system utilizes an all-in-one touch screen PC system with an integrated biometric reader and a wireless barcode scanner to capture and record every medication dose with lot, and expiration.  It tracks each dose to a specific patient and can communicate with compatible electronic health record systems for more accurate charge capture.

The AccuShelf system also helps reduces waste, loss, and discrepancies. The system automatically creates a full audit trail for each transaction and every dose administered and accurately reports inventory usage to an online portal.

AccuShelf has several configurable options: The Temperature Monitoring (TM) module is designed to automate and meet CDC and VFC temperature logging compliance with wireless digital data loggers that can monitor and alert on any nearby cold storage unit.

Watch The AccuVax In Action

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We recently launched our latest innovation, the AccuShelf Inventory Management System. With AccuShelf, you can manage much more than vaccines and expand your delivery of efficient inventory control, simplify workflows, and enhance patient safety practice wide.


TruMed provides vaccine insurance with the AccuVax. This insurance provides you with a peace-of-mind for every vaccine stored in the AccuVax. The insurance will make sure there is no dollar loss for vaccines affected by temperature excursions due to any system failure.

All products by TruMed includes hardware, software, online reports, software updates, training, optional EHR integrations, 24/7 support and maintenance, and industry-leading security.

Yes, we are integrated with a number of EHR/EMRs, including Athean, MEDENT, NextGen, Epic, OP, and more. We even provide a patient interface that can be used by any customer.