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Centering Healthcare Institute imagines a U.S. healthcare system that offers not just medical interventions, but combats isolation and builds communities, empowers and educates patients, and serves as a partner to connect the most vulnerable with resources that contribute to overall health. We are driven to create a future where the risk of preterm birth, the inequities of Black women dying from pregnancy-related causes and the disparities in early childhood are greatly reduced – so that every child has the potential to enjoy future life chances, social and economic opportunities and overall well-being. 

 CenteringParenting brings 6-8 parents, partners, support people and their same-age infants together in community with their healthcare providers and other parents who are experiencing similar things at the same time.CenteringParenting fosters a safe and supportive environment to ask questions and creates lifelong bonds between families. Each CenteringParenting visit begins with individual well-child health assessments, immunizations and developmental screenings that follow nationally recognized guidelines. Parents are engaged in their baby’s care: tracking growth, immunizations and oral health.CenteringParenting recognizes the importance of not only the baby’s health but also the mom’s. During the group, moms monitor their own health goals and address key topics including stress management, nutrition and weight, and family planning. The provider and support staff, lead the group in a discussion and interactive activities on topics including attachment, safe sleep, breastfeeding, nutrition, early literacy, development and safety. These fun, engaging activities and facilitated discussions guide parents through wellness and self-care, nutrition, interconception health, mindfulness and family dynamics. Parents are more informed, confident, and empowered to make healthier choices for themselves, their babies and their families.

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Centering empowers patients, strengthens patient-provider relationships, and builds communities through three main components, health assessment, interactive learning, and community building. We have developed an implementation pathway that will lead your site to long term sustainability with our evidence-based model. The Centering Healthcare Institute is here to help your Centering Practice Thrive through training, implementation support and consultation, group supplies and materials, and policy and advocacy. 

How We Work:

  • Readiness Assessment: This is the first step for providers interested in starting Centering. This assessment covers patient and provider volume, group space, and institutional support for Centering.
  • Centering Implementation Plan: The Centering Implementation Plan pairs practices with Implementation Advisors to help them establish an impactful sustainable practice. 
  • Trainings: Our trainings provide guidance on facilitating group discussion engaging patients in their own care and the Essential Elements of Centering. 
  • Centering Accreditation: Accreditation is a quality assurance and improvement milestone that provides practices with expertise and support to strengthen Centering and give your practice a competitive edge. 


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Upcoming Events

  • Centering 101: Lunch and Learns Relax during your lunch hour and enjoy a presentation on what Centering is and what it can bring to your practice. Every Tuesday from 12pm – 1pm from 11/10 – 12/8. Register here.
  • Quarterly Centering Consortium December 11th, 2020, 11 am – 2pm. Register here.

  • Virtual Centering Information Session Experience what it is like to be in a Centering group. Learn more about the implementation pathway, expansion of Centering in NJ, and the improved health outcomes from Centering. Register in advance as space is limited.


Latest News

With the generous support of The Burke Foundation, the Centering Healthcare Institute will be expanding to 10 more Centering sites in 2021. There will be 5 CenteringPregnancy sites and 5 CenteringParenting sites. Funding will be available to support Centering implementation and the RFA will be opened in the Winter of 2020. If interested in implementing CenteringParenting at your site contact Deanna Velazquez, NJ Centering Program Manager. 



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