Over the years, our Chapter has effected change in child health and advocacy issues in New Jersey, thanks to the undaunted efforts of many
Chapter members. There are a number of very active committees and representatives that sustain the work of the Chapter.
The Chapter Executive Board encourages you to get involved in an area that interests you.

  • Adolescent Health

    Addresses important issues of adolescent challenges.

    Susan R. Brill. MD, FAAP (Committee Chair)

  • Annual Meeting

    Assist with the selection of themes, content and speakers.

    Katharine Clouser, MD, FAAP (Committee Chair)

  • Anti-Trafficking Task Force

    As a subcommittee of the Adolescent Health committee, this Task Force will work to advocate, prevent, and educate pediatricians and those who provide care for children and adolescents about human trafficking in pediatrics.
    Gina Cavallo  (Co-Chair)

    Nicole Leopardi  (Co-Chair)

  • Breastfeeding

    Lactation education and support.

    Alla Gordina, MD, FAAP (Co-Chair)
    Rose St. Fleur, MD, FAAP (Co-Chair)


    Identifies funding for planning and implementation grants to pediatricians; fellows/fellowship.

    Christin Traba, MD, FAAP (Committee Chair)

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Program development, health equity, volunteer leadership.

    Tiffany Tucker, MD, FAAP (Chair)
    Ms. Felicia Taylor, MBA, CAE (Co-Chair)

  • Early Career Physicians

    Encourage interns and new doctors to engage in NJAAP membership opportunities.

    Sanjna Shah, MD, FAAP (Committee Chair)

  • Editorial Board

    Review of submitted NJ Pediatric articles.

    Sanjna Shah, MD, FAAP (Committee Chair)

  • Environmental Health & Climate Change

    Educate, advocate, and collaborate with local and national leaders regarding the risks climate change pose to human health.

    Dr. Shannon Leigh Eccles, DO (Co-Chair)

  • Finance

    Financial planning, budget,

    Alan Jay Meltzer, MD, FAAP (Committee Chair)

  • Fundraising

    Solicitation of funds for program expansion.

    Kristen Anne Walsh, MD, FAAP (Committee Chair)

  • Government Affairs

    Child Health advocacy and relationship building with legislators.

    Jennifer Hinlu Chuang, MD, FAAP (Co-Chair)
    Alan Scott Weller, MD, FAAP (Co-Chair)

  • Immigration

    Health and legal support for immigrant children.

    Steven William Kairys, MD, MPH, FAAP (Co-Chair)
    Shilpa Pai, MD, FAAP (Co-Chair)

  • Membership

    Provide insight on membership recruitment, engagement and retention.

    Katharine Clouser, MD, FAAP (Committee Chair)

  • Nominating

    Responsible for recruiting the best-qualified candidates for the board of directors and senior leadership.

    Alan Weller, MD, FAAP (Committee Chair)

  • Practice Management & Pediatric Council

    To engage practice members by providing a pathway to connect them with practice management resources, build awareness and develop relationships with insurance partners.

    Naveen Mehrotra, MD (Co-Chair)
    Puthenmadam Radhakrishnan MD, MPH, FAAP (Co-Chair) 

  • School Health

    Selection of themes, content and speakers.

    Katharine Clouser, MD, FAAP (Committee Chair)

  • Task Force on Adolescent Sleep & School Start Times

    As a subcommittee of the Adolescent Health committee, this Task Force raises awareness & provides education about the importance of improved adolescent sleep and mental health. The Task Force supports policy changes to promote the physical and mental health and well-being of students.

    Bert Mandelbaum, MD, FAAP (Committee Chair)

  • Youth Advisory Committee

    Youth-Led committee where inspired young leaders unite to share their perspectives and voices to align with NJAAP’s mission to promote the Health, Safety, and Well-being of children and adolescents in New Jersey.

    Steven Marcella, MD, FAAP (Chair)

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