Tonique Griffin

Full Spectrum Community Doula

  • Received Uzazi Village Community Doula training and certification by way of Sister to Sister

Community Doulas (a subsidiary of Statewide Parent Advocacy Network -SPAN) Course completed 10/18 and first birth was 1/2019; with a total of 32 BPs (birthing persons) supported, with the most recent BP’s birth on 7/11/22

  • As of 1/4/2021 fully credentialed Doula Provider with NJ Medicaid and affiliated MCO’s soon followed. Regularly recieved requests from care coordinators and members for Doula support.
  • As of 8/16/21, hired as full time Community Doula with NCHC (Newark Community Health Centers an FQHC) to support birthing persons of 5 sites.
  • Have supported 75+ birthing persons and each experience different

Highlights of my Doula career/passion

  • “First-timers” are usually my favorite, but “2nd timers” who didn’t like their 1st experience at giving birth are my other favorite
  • Emphasis on parenting prenatally (health/self care for BP, reading out loud, talking to baby and preparing for baby’s arrival)
  • BPs I support, who realize their strength in the birth process
  • Informing a birthing person of the benefits of breastfeeding for the baby and BP; supporting breastfeeding efforts
  • I prefer to be a Community Doula and always seeking to increase my knowledge/skills

Maternal Health Workgroup Affiliations/Projects

  • Advocates of Children of NJ – Maternal Infant Health Workgroup (since 1/21)
  • Frequent contributor to Rutger’s Project Echo Series = innovative maternal child health, evidence-based educational presentation of topics for growing CHW and perinatal worker communities (since 11/19)
  • Participant of NJ Doula Dialogues project with Montclair University- an oral archive of listening and learning from doulas of NJ supporting birthing persons during Covid-19 pandemic (3/22)
  • Care Forest development team – Member of the beta team to develop a communication platform for doulas, nationally. Participated in presentation to NJ Birth Equity Alliance for funding for the Care Forest (4/22)
  • Closing plenary panelist at Pritzker National PN-3 System Building Meeting (9/22)
  • Community Steward for Care Forest (selected 10/22); responsible for facilitating requests for doula and/or client supports via online communication platform