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Webinar Series #1: Putting Your Trauma Lens On – Dr. Sasha Svendsen (Recording)
Webinar Series #2: Early Relational Health: Foundations for Health, Early Learning and Future Wellbeing – David W. Willis, MD, FAAP (Recording)
Webinar Series #3: The Impact of Social Determinants on Children’s Health with Denise Rodgers, MD (November 2020) (Recording)
Webinar Series #4: Infant and Early Childhood Social Emotional Health and Developmental Delays Through a Trauma Informed Lens with Dayna Zatina Egan, PsyD, IMHM-Clinical (December 2020) (Recording)
Webinar Series #5: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) & Toxic Stress: Screening & Intervention with Dayna Long, MD (February 2021) (Recording)
Webinar Series #6: Being More Than One Thing, Finding More Than One Way with Junlei Li and Dana Winters  (Recording)
Webinar Series #7: Rationally Speaking: Relational Health as a Core Purpose, Tool and Outcome of Well-Child Visits with Dipesh Navsaria  (Recording)
Webinar Series #8: The Developmental Importance of Relationships in Neuro-diverse Family Systems with Kaitlin Mulcahy  (Recording)
Using Well Visits as an Opportunity to Promote Early Relational Health (Recording)