Pediatric Medical Home

medical home jeff websiteThe Pediatric Medical Home serves as a central hub to each child’s healthcare neighborhood, while providing the comprehensive care necessary to ensure children grow to their fullest potential in physical, oral and mental health. This model integrates well child care with:

  • screening and early identification of children at risk
  • developmental delays
  • immunizations
  • care of acute illnesses and
  • comprehensive care for children at risk and with special health care needs

This wide-ranging care, which often involves multiple practitioners working independently, requires the centralized care coordination provided in a family/patient-centered Pediatric Medical Home. [Read More] Disaster Preparedness to Ensure Access to the Medical Home The Pediatric Medical Home is uniquely positioned to provide optimal care to pediatric populations experiencing hardship as a result of natural or medical disasters. By minimizing interruptions to access and healthcare-related services, pediatricians can assist families through an appropriate recovery process. [Read more] To learn more about NJAAP Medical Home program, click here