The Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund is a financial assistance program for New Jersey Families with catastrophic medical expenses due to a child’s illness or condition. Expenses must:

  • Exceed 10% of the family’s income that year, plus 15% of any income over $100,000
  • Not be covered by insurance, other State or Federal programs, or other sources such as fundraising
  • Be incurred before the child’s 22nd birthday

Examples of expenses the Fund has reimbursed:

  • Broken bones when parents are between jobs
  • Emergency transportation not covered by insurance
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit copays and deductibles
  • Expenses related to a child’s disability

“We would have been in credit card debt for the rest of our lives trying to pay off those balances. We are truly so thankful for everything the Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund has done for our family!”

    – Family that applied to the Fund in 2020

How to Apply

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