Healthy Spaces curriculum focuses on delivering the emerging data and related information, ACEs screening tools, quality improvement strategies, and locally-based linkages to the pediatric medical home that are essential in advancing efforts to reduce and prevent the occurrence of child abuse and neglect. Our program is designed to enhance pediatric awareness, skills and knowledge for: recognizing and reacting to risk factors, behavioral indicators and triggers of abuse and neglect, augmenting anticipatory guidance, increasing evidence-based screenings across well-child visits and reacting expeditiously to sentinel injuries (TEN 4 FACES) in children under four years of age. The program also utilizes the Hunger Vital Signs screening tool to address food insecurity.

Healthy Spaces - MOC Part 4 (Cape May and Cumberland Counties)

This Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 American Board of Pediatrics (ABP)- approved quality improvement program provides 25 MOC Part 4 points for participating pediatricians. The program is designed to educate pediatricians on best practices for reducing the risk factors for child abuse, neglect and trauma across the pediatric age span through the use of ACEs screening tools, caregiver and patient education materials and skill building resources, anticipatory guidance and linkages to community-based, family strengthening resources. The program also utilizes the Hunger Vital Signs screening tool to address food insecurity. This 6- month long project provides a wealth of knowledge on the ACEs and food insecurity.

Click here to view the Healthy Spaces binder. The binder contains documents such as ACEs screening tools for different age groups, handouts and resources for parents and practices.

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