Pediatric Alliance for Lupus Implementation Guide


Lupus and Children [English / Spanish / Mandarin]

Lupus and Teenagers [English / Spanish / Mandarin]

Doctors who Treat Children with Lupus [English / Spanish / Mandarin]

Tips for teaching children and teens about their lupus [English / Spanish]

Explaining your child’s lupus to others [English / Spanish]

Ten things to tell your friends about lupus [English / Spanish]


School & Community

Lupus and School: A guide to resources for parents, caregivers, and children with lupus [English / Spanish / Mandarin]

School Survival Guide for Kids with Lupus [English / Spanish / Mandarin]

School Survival Guide for Teens with Lupus [English / Spanish / Mandarin]

Top 10 Action Items for College-bound Teens with Lupus [English / Spanish / Mandarin]

Assistance at School for Children with Lupus [English / Spanish]

What teachers should know About Lupus [English / Spanish / Mandarin]

Lupus at school: A guide for parents and kids [English / Spanish]

Template Letter to Your Child’s School [English / Spanish]

Lupus Health Checklist for School [English / Spanish]


Lupus Foundation of America


National Resource Center on Lupus

The Lupus Initiative

Learning Tools

Health Disparities

Lupus among Asians and Hispanics – CDC

Managing Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) Online Program

Lupus in New Jersey

Arthritis Foundation

Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN)

Local Events – Get involved in your community by participating in events to support Lupus patients and their families

Lupus Support Groups – These free meetings offer information about lupus as well as support for those with lupus and their families. Keep this list for reference.

Research Programs