Anticipatory Guidance –

A guide for parents in prevention strategies by making good nutritional and physical activity decisions for their children – starts at the first well child visit, and provides these tools through 5 years old.

2nd Visit (2 weeks – 1 month)

3rd Visit (2 months)

4th Visit (4 months)

5th Visit (6 months)

6th Visit (9 months)

Diagnostic & Practice Tools 

Breastfeeding FAQs – A Guide for Physicians

Healthy Active Living for Families (HALF) [AAP] – The goal of the HALF project is to develop and test a series of positive, family-focused messages specific to obesity prevention and care for the following developmental stages: infancy, toddlerhood, and early childhood.

Healthy Active Living for Families [AAP]

Prescription for Healthy Active Living for Families [English / Spanish]

Algorithm for the Assessment and Management of Childhood Obesity in Primary Care

Food Insecurity Screening Posters [English / Spanish]

Department of Children & Families and Department of Health: Central Intake Contact Information

Poverty Resources Flyer for New Jersey

Parent Education & Community Resources –

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Childhood Obesity


Voices for Healthy Kids

NJ Partnership for Healthy Kids

Data Sources –

USDA-Adolescent and Childhood Obesity

New Jersey Childhood Obesity Survey



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