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About Us

School Health is a national, full-service provider of health supplies and services to health professionals in educational settings from pre-school to college. We collaborate with customers and are an advocate for the health and wellness of those entrusted in their care. At School Health, we maintain the integrity in each of our interactions by always keeping our mission and value statements in mind.

Our Promise

We deliver an unparalleled customer experience to support the health and safety of students, staff, and the community so everyone can learn and perform to the best of their abilities.

Building a Healthier Future

Since our founding in 1957, School Health has been dedicated to helping school-based health professionals keep their students healthy. We all know that healthier students are better students. From our initial focus on school nurses, we have expanded to serve athletic trainers, early childhood specialists and special needs educators.

Our comprehensive offering includes health supplies, sports medicine equipment, early childhood products, physical education, recreation and athletic products and special needs aids. School Health goes beyond merely supplying products, providing product support, training, advisory services and exceptional customer care.


We offer a wide variety of products that provide crucial support for children in their formative years.

As Early Childhood and Head Start professionals you know that having the right tools can make all the difference. You can rely on us to provide solutions for children as they learn, grow, and develop skills they will carry for a lifetime. Below is a listing of the types of solutions we offer to support your students.

Infant & Toddler
Vision & Hearing Screening
Diagnostics & Screening Equipment
Oral Health & Nutrition
Infection Prevention
First Aid
Motor Skills
Active Play

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