CME Dinner

NJAAP is now offering the exclusive opportunity to sponsor an Educational CME Dinner Event to statewide Pediatricians and other Allied Healthcare Professionals. Present your organization information to a captive audience, all while educating them on a topic you would like them to know more about. Let NJAAP help you expand your network by organizing and promoting the event!

Sponsor Benefits:

  • NJAAP will handle the Venue, A/V and Food and Beverage.
  • Sponsor will have 3-5 minutes at beginning of Dinner to provide brief introduction about their company
  • Sponsor will have the option to provide a speaker
  • Included in NJAAP’s CME Dinner Presentation marketing:
  • Sponsor Logo on all NJAAP marketing platforms
  • Listing on NJAAP’s Event Calendar and Registration Page
  • Your event and company logo included on email distributions to 3,000+ pediatricians, with the option to expand to 12,000+ additional other Allied Healthcare Professionals
  • Your event and company name included in social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Opportunity to provide follow-up in NJAAP’s thank you email to event attendees
  • NJAAP will provide Physician educational credit if applicable, as long as the presentation abides by rules and regulations set by accreditation organization.

Sponsor Responsibilities:

  • Request for Event date must be provided and confirmed at least 8 weeks in advance.
  • Secure a presenter(s) to deliver the educational presentation
  • All Presenter’s costs (speaking fees, travel expenses)
  • Provide presentation objectives to NJAAP
  • Submit PowerPoint presentation 2-weeks prior to event date for final approval
  • Content must be educational for higher education procurement professionals and not a “sales pitch”
  • Include sponsor contact information at the end of presentation
  • Sponsor to assist in providing necessary Educational Credit paperwork from presenter

CME Dinner proposals are subject to NJAAP Executive Board approval. Expected approval time proposal submission and Board review is approximately 2-weeks.

Cost: $5,000 + Additional charge of $100 per person over 50 attendees. Sponsor has the option to limit the number of attendees.

Please note: Most events attract 40-90 attendees, depending on many factors such as topic, date, and event location. NJAAP will do its very best to attract as many attendees possible, however, cannot guarantee a minimum attendance. No refunds will be given for low attended events.

Submit CME Dinner Proposal