Pennsylvania Joint Commission Statement Common Perceived Challenges and Potential Solutions, pages 59-75

11 Steps to a Later Start Time– Steps Princeton School District took to successfully implement later school start times in their high school.

  • Current media: NJ proposed bill 
  • Other media
    • Op-Ed: Let there be sleep — especially for NJ’s overtired teens Sleep deprivation can cause myriad woes for teenagers, from poor performance on the playing field and in the classroom to depression and traffic accidents.
    • NJSBA ‘Education Matters’ Podcast
      • Episode on the science behind later school start times with Dr. Bert Mandelbaum, MD
      • Episode on how Millburn Township Public Schools studied moving back the start time for the school day and how the schedule change has affected sports, transportation, teacher training and traffic patterns with Dr. Christine Burton, Superintendent of Millburn Township Public Schools.
    • Ridgewood Parent Education 6-series workshops
    • The Debate Over School Start Times The Voice for Education, September 2021