Thank you for your interest in the New Jersey Pediatric Psychiatry Collaborative (NJPPC) and Telehealth Enhancement.  To get started with Telehealth,  you must be an enrolled  member of the NJPPC.  For more information, including benefits and requirements, as well as a link to register for the NJPPC, click HERE

Beginning in 2019, the Federal Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) funded the NJ Network to incorporate telepsychiatry into the established DCF funded Pediatric Mental Health Access system for patient consults & provider education. NJAAP is working with the NJ Department of Health, Hackensack-Meridian Health, Rutgers Behavioral Health, Cooper University Hospital, and Atlantic Health System to implement the telepsychiatry enhancement to all 9 Network Hubs. While the underlying Hub system has greatly improved mental health care for NJ’s children and adolescents, the new telepsychiatry expansion is helping to fill the remaining gaps in access to mental health care. More than ever, due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, telepsychiatry services have become essential for patient care. As of Spring 2020, telepsychiatry is now available to all Hub members across all 9 Hubs.

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Introduction to Telehealth Video for Children and Families:

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