The Telehealth Enhancement serves as an expansion to the already existing New Jersey Pediatric Psychiatry Collaborative Program (NJPPC) by increasing both provider and patient access to care through the use of telehealth. Federal Funding from the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) made this expansion possible in 2019 through the Pediatric Mental Health Access Program. By the spring of 2020, telepsychiatry and other telehealth services became available at all 9 statewide HUB locations. To get started with telehealth, you must be an enrolled member of NJPPC.

Teleheath Services

Practice Based Telepsychiatry:
Patients are able to attend their psychiatry evaluations at their primary care provider’s office and connect with a HUB psychiatrist virtually. This increases accessibility for some patients as well as their comfort level.

Home Based Telepsychiatry:
Patients are able to access their psychiatry appointments from the comfort of their home through the use of telehealth, pending appropriate access to Wi-Fi and a confidential space.

Curbside Consultation with a CAP”:
Providers are able to contact the HUB for a quick consultation regarding medication management, diagnostic clarification, psychoeducation and other topics with a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist (CAP)

  • Increased communication between provider and HUB child and adolescent psychiatrist.
  • Increased accessibility for patients and families to access treatment and appointment times.
  • Address support and comfort to both providers and families within the pediatric office with easy access to HUB staff.
  • Timely follow up and collaborative care conversations regarding mutual patients.
  • Direct consultations with HUB psychiatrists regarding administering, maintaining or bridging medication.
  • Opportunity for wrap-around billing for pre or post evaluation appointments.
  • Ongoing communication with telehealth coordinator for any telehealth related issues.

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For Patients and Families:

For further information, visit our Telepsychiatry Enhancement Page.