Poster Sessions

Correlation between Electroencephalogram and Clinical Assessment of Neonatal Seizures in Full Term Neonates – Booth #35

Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Premature Neonates Diagnosed with Seizures Clinically vs. using Electroencephalogram – Booth #37

Impact of Electroencephalogram vs. Clinical Diagnosis on Medication Management of Premature Neonatal Seizures – Booth #39

Feedback and Evaluation of the Trainees by the Trainers: 2022 QI Project– Booth #41

Improving the recognition of abnormalities in pubertal development through proper SMR staging in the outpatient clinic setting – Booth #45

Minimizing Ionizing Radiation in the Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis in the Emergency Department – Booth #47

Comparing the Epidemiology of COVID-19 with other Common Respiratory Viruses in Pediatric Patients – Booth #48

Early Human Milk Fortification on Growth Outcomes in Infants <1500g: A Retrospective Study – Booth #49

The clinical utility of therapeutic monitoring of anti-seizure medications during elective video EEG admissions – Booth #50

Implementing the Keystones of Development Curriculum into Everyday Practice at the Hackensack University Medical Center Pediatric Academic Practice – Booth #51

A Pediatric Residency Program Collaborative Approach to Community Outreach as a Way to Help Promote Early Relational Health – Booth #36

Climate Change Affects Health: Are We Listening? – Booth #38

Anxiety In The Pediatric Population During The COVID-19 Pandemic – Booth #40

Non Verbal Child Maltreatment Reporting – Booth #42

Parents’ Perspectives on Strengthening Clinician-Parent Partnerships to Promote Early Relational Health – Booth #44

Impact of COVID-19 Omicron exposure or disease on children with nephrotic syndrome – Booth #46